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A Feedback Loop

Now would you like a demonstration? I have it pretty freaking visible.

You got a DVD you wanna show us?

It’s electronics.

No, It’s electronic, I have a laptop. I open it up and..

Oh god no, mm mm, no thanks.

No possible way huh?

Yeah, I’m not into the screen anymore.

She’s gonna run.

Screen Visualizing, well you know it could be just pumped auditorally into your ear drums.

Well, actually as your talking I’m able to…



You know what, say the words that make things happen that’s right.

Well, I’ll describe it.

So you know what a sugar cookie looks like?

Yeah, I love them.

Ok, so you know what those very special ones that come out of those christmas packages that are more flowery?

Yes, yes

They have a funny name?

And they also have holes in them, some of them.

They’re flowery looking but they also holes around them sometimes.

Um, ok, so


Now, picture a…There’s holes in them, and if you look at the holes up in the night sky, they’d be black holes. So we’re picturing that the darkness in these sugar cookie shapes are going to be the deep bass of this song, which is now going to process itself by showing us different shapes of that cookie as well as a bigger center of dark openings. Holes in the middle. Now this video…


Yes, pulsates. The color is bright yellow, the black holes in the middle happen periodically in every one of the little leaflets that happen all the way around that outside edge, which are kinda of like tones or pedals.


And so then a little hole wold be around one of those pedals, and as that moves as the movie proceeds, it comes outward, concentric circles, and it’s not a linear path, the change doesn’t happen linear, it happens concentrically.


It comes from the middle and comes from the outside in.


Like Kaleidoscopically.

Yeah Kaleidoscopically.


Sound happens that way, it comes out of donuts and speakers.


You know who did this so well? Is ah, Pink Floyd in the Wall.


Did you see that?


Oh my God


You didn’t see that one?

No I saw pieces.

There’s this segment, I didn’t know what I was watching, it totally captivated me, floral ah things, vines, music. And it was totally erotic.

right, now I remember seeing that portion and it was moving and that was definitely video feedback. That was virgin like fractals. Cause it appeared to you organic right?


The pulsation of the light was not computerized. It was video feedback and that’s what what that stuff I’m talking about is.

A feedback loop.

Any feedback loop is anywhere.

I bet, the Atari had that.