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, mph

Al (the nomad)

Some of it is brand new and never been aboard, all right, so you gotta find a place for it.

Well, there’s only a certain amount you can fit in there.

I used to think so, I’ve been living in that place for 33 years, and uh, overtime I stop I get more stuff.

Do you try and narrow yourself down to the least amount of things needed to survive?

Yeah, I’ve tried, I haven’t succeeded very well.

Where do you live the other 4 or 5 places a year?

Well, I spend most of the winter down in Salt Lake city, Some of it in Quartsite…

(Want some trail mix with Goji berries in it?)

(Yeah, thanks)

Then in the Summer time I go uphill and or North..uh, depending on how far north. Last summer I went up to Bellingham Washington, and then most of the summer in Southern Oregon. but I don’t know what I’m doing this summer.

It’s been about 42 years.

What was the reason for living nomadically in the first place?

Well, ah, buying a piece of land just didn’t seem like a viable position.

[Wind interference]

Cause the government can always come and take it away from you. They’ve gotta give you a little notice, but the government can come and take away your land at any moment. For any reason or another reason.

They could do the same with the trailer right?

Well, they gotta find me. A piece of land you can’t move, they know right where it is, and you’ve got to pay taxes on it every year, of course you gotta pay taxes on a vehicle too, but if you don’t like the taxes where you happen to be, with a piece of land it’s just tough shit, with a truck you can just go somewhere else.

Do you ever miss having a home?

I have a home, it travels.

Uh, At times I get…It was a little worrisome in the first couple of years, but now I only get nervous when the truck doesn’t work right. When I’ve got some reason that I can’t get the truck up and moving, then I get real nervous.

[Chewing, Birds]

Yep, that’s home. When I close that door, that’s my fortress.

(You ate all the hazelnuts, I picked them all out for you)

Do you run on solar?

No way you can store enough power to run that vehicle. Even with the best small car you can only go 100 miles. You just can’t store enough to go very far. Now if somebody gets hydrogen really viable, then that might be a way to store enough power. You know you can turn water into hydrogen, but hydrogen is hard to store. You know you see gases in these steel cylinders, well hydrogen will leak through the steal. Hydrogen just can’t be stored economically.

Does it need to be used immediately?

Well, not immediately, but like I said it will leak out of the steel of a cylinder, and the only way you can store it is under high pressure.

(I already fed everyone)


There are some kinds of compounds that you can store Hydrogen in without the pressure but I don’t know anything about that, and I don’t think they are viable options yet. if they were we’d be using it. But ah…

Can you work out on the road?

Work? Quit cursing around me.


How do you make money to keep running?

Well, I get a little bit of money from social security, and I have a little bit of money from a stock portfolio that Momma left me when she passed on. Up until that I ah, most recent thing I did was manicure pot. And I made pipes and did carpentry work and just about anything that came along.

But you have to stop to work?

(It fell in the water dish)

Well I don’t actually spend much time traveling, probably not more than 5 or 6 days a year traveling. If I get tired of the scenery, I just got find some more wallpaper. Traveling is too expensive these days with gas what it is. Garth, your half and half is in the freezer. It got a little warm in the car, so I stuck it in the freezer to give it a quick chill.

Well it’s been a lot quieter since we moved all those roosters.

By the spring?

Well they probably won’t last long unless we get them some shelter.