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Belts and suspenders

Watching the sunrise at the landing out front of the burm, waiting patiently for Brian the welder to return today for the installment of the three steel beams, as there was a consensus last night to stop where we were at and return early.

  • Somewhere to disappear
  • Geologic folly

To welcome the addition of a the new material, 2 F-16 fighter jets fly by in tight formation over the valley.

Neil has a softball size bite on his neck after sleeping in the adobe house down below last night. Garth says it could be the kissing bug, which supposedly if you’re allergic, can cause a few days of bed riden nausea.

The next morning the welders return and the four of us including Aaron, lift the first beam into place and tack it on. A bit easier in the light of day. The welding continues all day and into the night.

  • Counter top transformations
  • Impregnator 5000
  • Monopole
  • Roy walford

We level out the space next to the pizza oven for the cold-frame. It feels cramped as we lay out the shape and we decide instead to dig a four foot hole near the water faucet.