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Blue Moon

Sitting in Garths Tee-Pee talking about oil painting techniques at a critical juncture in Rabbits post-acid morning, he asks if we are “GD’s” and spends the rest of the day personally unraveling the mystery of our interest in building. This nor the full length title lend itself well to a proper desert pre or post fix:

  • Piano Man Dan
  • Pool Man Dave
  • Solar Man Dan
  • Thomas the Potter
  • Stefan the Mechanic
  • Kenny and Laurie the Elders
  • White Dog and Journey
  • Eggman and Turbo

A few days from the blue moon at pappys watching poolside covering harvest moon, costumed in orange felt ponchos, cowboy boots, shirtless and sun hats.

We return from LA after Olga’s dinner and performance at the squat.

  • Mint julips
  • Burgoo stew
  • RC Cola

The bank takes control in 2 weeks. The front house will be painted gold.

A day in the van with no AC and a pile of free wood from Meredtih raising the van floor 3feet. I think about the show at Mateos apt.

  • Ann Romney
  • Shelter
  • Politics of space
  • Hannah Arendt
  • Trampled Earth
  • Dreamers of Guantanamo
  • Housing Strategies

Not sure what awaits at the site for the morning. Waiting to hear back from the welders. Trying to connect with David or Josh. David has left his post at starbucks and headed north to the OC. We text for the first time.

Guys I am in OC 2nite – back sometime 2morrow

Josh is new to the property and visited the site last week. He’s from Los Feliz and working on a film about information and the way it travels.


We talk about digital natives, alienation, Socrates and the market, Adam Curtis. He is really stoned. He is staying for a bit doing “research”. Hope he has endured the week.