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Dynamic Harmony

If he doesn’t choose.

I don’t want to live with him.

You can love everybody, but doesn’t mean you can live with them.


Not right now at least.

And we’ve offered that healing.

And that’s what it is.

We’re a cult of dynamic harmony.

If we are to be accused of you know whatever, which I’m sure we have actually. but you know, it’s ridiculous, to insist on certain standards, it’s basic.


He’s the kind, it’s growing into yourself. He’s the kind it can happen too. He’s got so much data, so much information. He’s like a library all that knowledge just sitting there, going to waste. So this isn’t a dump.

Well, Happy Martin Luther King Day.

So it’s up to him, but personally I don’t want to put up with him, and he is feeling this reception is unpleasant.

[Yep, I knew that’s all the problem was on this one]

So that’s a good sign.

[The tank needed to be fuller for this one to work]


[Spirit, Spirit, Spirit]

Fire and the water man.

You know it’s just being.

Because part of it is hearing it and speaking it, you know I talk a lot in the bus, I was accused of being a lunatic because of it. And you know your half right, I’m a happy lunatic. But to speak it out in front of others who feel, you have spiritual intelligence. So you understand. It works just by that telepathically.

But that’s tenderizing him for this next stage, of silence and listening. You know it’s vital that people, if there’s a requirement to living here, it’s bring your best with you. You know when Garth told me about the stone carving that he had seen of Moses, that I haven’t seen yet, he was drooling with praise, how skilled, how detailed, how beautiful, and that thrills Garth.

So to have somebody come who is already humble, so we can be true elitists.

You know, anything is possible, and thoughts are more potent than any weapon. I just turn myself over, there’s a way to deal with it. I don’t know what is is, but I know there is , there is.


You don’t  think it’s possible to be healed?

In the etheric realm. I mean there’s seven realms, or thirteen, I’ve heard many numbers I don’t know, but atomic radiation is very heavy, very damaging. To me, it’s kind of like reverse laser. Laser can be benign, but atomic radiation is note benign.

[This one looks like she’s got a tattoo of a bird on her neck]

oh from the bite?


What does the F stand for today? Fear?

No, Fairy witch.