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, mph


A 100 galloon and a 55 galloon is

more than enough for just the three of you

A day shitting?

A week

And you empty it out?

No, it empties itself out.

So if the garden is back here below, then you would want to do the methane digester right above it?

Ok, pause.

The first tank has a drop sleeve in it, where it comes from your toilet, you lift that drop sleeve everyday and whatever is in your toilet you collect in the drop sleeve. Put a little bit of water in it, slurry it, pull up the sleeve and it runs into the first tank. Then drop your sleeve again so it stays pressurized and the gas stays in there. Then there’s a pipe with an angle up that’s in the first tank. The gas pressurizes the top of it forcing the material down. As the pressure builds up in the tank, it forces the slurry up the pipe into the second tank. The second tank has a pipe coming out of it, but again, it’s also at an angle. Your taking the excess slurry from the bottom of the tank. Slurry goes up this pipe it falls into this tank, it gets into this little pipe and the excess weight pushes it out. And literally you’re left with compost on the back end. It’s a very passive system. At the bottom it releases organic matter and you just spread it out into your garden.

And how big are the two tanks?

I think 50 and 100 gallon, but if you can get a 200…ones the size of my cooker, you know. You need a bigger tank like a 200 or 100 and I swear you’ll never have a problem. If you just do 50 and 100, you’re gonna max it out and you’re going to have to wait a couple of days.

Do you have to add anything for the smell?

[headshake no]

I put a bacteria in it, the bacteria eats the shit, dissolves it, breaks it down, and separates it into methane gas and organic matter

And those are sunk underground?

The tank is not open on the top it has a little pipe. It’s fucking easy.

So you think we could run the shower down the back of this rock?

Again, if I put a shower in the back of this place i would put it…The thing is you could put a nice big water tank right in here somewhere, if it’s on the high side of your house you can have the shower on the low side and you don’t need a pump. A water tank on that side of this rock, and you run the pipe right down the floor here, and you put the shower down there. Then the gravity is down, water pressure is high and grey water is flowing out the back of your house.

You could have a porch right here and the shower on the back of the rock, and just stand and bare yourself to nature.

That’s why I don’t like working for rich assholes. “Can you move it this way?” “Can you move it 6 inches back?” Sure. Just leave me alone for 4 hours

We believe in you
I moved a rock 6 inches to make somebody happy

That’s a nice flat one

Now, we’ve gotta do the real tricky push, if I tell ya what i’m doing you’re gonna freak out. Cause you guys don’t know. What I’m doing is I’m pitching it at an angle

So you wanna pivot it out?

No, No, No. Watch, you guys are learning. I’m not tipping the rock or pinching it, I’m pitching the angle of the push to get more leverage.

Distance plus force, then I can just teeter it one way or the other

[Wind interference, digging]