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Geologically Speaking

So that particular raw oil form, it doesn’t naturally occur?

I think it naturally occurs, hydrocarbons are formed, you know deep within the earth. I believe there’s natural fission reactors in the crust of the earth, maybe hundreds of them, small reactors, and those neutron sources can transmute things, and I believe they’re messing with the elements, combining things in a way, into what we call hydrocarbons. I think there’s nuclear processes that are generating that and other stuff.

I believe water is being primarily made, I don’t think water is only recycled, I think it’s also generated, it’s created I believe within the earth, also by nuclear processes.


Like literally? Hydrogen and oxygen fusing?

So that means the petroleum products are contaminated?


Or carcinogenic?

No. No.

I’m not saying they’re radioactive. They’re not, generally. What I’m saying is they’re created by nuclear processes.


But not that there’s some crazy illuminati conspiracy, with nuclear react…?

No, no, no. All natural.

You know giant subterranean oil factories?

No, all natural. A natural phenomenon.

Oh, ok, I can see that.

I mean why not.

There’s plenty of evidence that there’s nuclear fission going on within the crust. There’s obviously decay heat happening from decay. That’s what heats the earth. That’s generally accepted.

The core of the earth is just left over gravitational energy, you know friction, from the thing pounding together. It’s also decay heat from radio nuclides in the earth, you know uranium, and all it’s daughters.

Really? That’s in even more than the uh, um, you know just the core lead or copper?

Yeah. Yeah.

You know the belly just swirling around creating the magnetic field.

There’s a bunch of shit down there and who knows what kind of mix it is. Metals and compounds, who knows. But I believe that Uranium is one of them, definitely one of them, being heavy..

[Whistling sound]

Would tend to go down and convect around with all the molten shit down there

[Yelling, Spirit, Spirit]

and as time goes on Uranium tends to enrich

[Spirit is going to the bathroom]

U238 tends to decay off U235 comes predominant, so eventually you get, you know, fissile orientations of material, or water, some moderator might come in


and it has, there’s a place in Africa, where a natural reactor was formed by the surface and blew shit up, and there was plutonium around the place, from transmuted Uranium. And it’s a natural reactor, all the daughters all the radio nuclides around it are naturally formed. Geologically it’s pretty cool..

Anyway, if that one is on the surface, there’s hundreds just below the surface, or more, who knows.

Throughout the whole planet.


That’s quite a few.

Yeah, got some wacky ideas.

The phenomenon they call El Nino, you know the weather phenomenon. They say it’s because the oceans getting hotter. The ocean surface temperature is hotter over the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific, blah blah blah.

So that heats the air and all that. Well, what’s making the ocean hotter? They’re not going back to that. I think it’s probably a series one or fission reactor cycling the power level and heating up the ocean. Maybe not directly, but through subterranean passages heating it indirectly.

It’s cyclical.

Right, well the solar cycle is at it’s peak.

Right, but it’s not 4 years it’s 11.

That’s true.

So El Nino is a 4 year cycle, so it’s something else.

Anyways, don’t listen to me.

Heh, sounds cool to me.