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Loose Ground

A day in town to collect containers, tools, smoothies, etc. Not sure what awaits at Garth’s. The trailer off the 62 is sold and the old guy has a brand new line up, shined and price to roll out the door. Someone else’s black mold. It’s 104 degrees, the heat from the open windows feels like  waves of electric blankets. Hit by a cannonball. The summer heat wave begins.

Red Red and Krissy are in town from Montreal for the next few days. This week: leveling and grading both floors, building up the back retaining wall on the lower house, drilling holes and testing the steel supports, sneaking frequent swims at Mentalphysics, setting up the temporary office and kitchen in the caves, digging, grunting, farting. Had to call the bank to authorize the charge from Backwoods Solar, 1000 kilowatts on its way to Fontana, for pick up and install next week. Stop to send Jon PDF’s from Natural Sisters.

  • Dirt and document
  • The void
  • Yves Klein
  • Your bobos are contained and held
  • Small talk as iambic pentameter
  • Freud and Jung
  • The crack and the darkness
  • Moral barometer and regret
  • Nancy Sinatra
  • Myth of security
  • Loose ground
  • Like it messy

Sneak swim at Mentalphysics.
Flute music and deep breathing on rocks overlooking the sunset over the valley

First night up top in the rocks. Found half of a steel barrel in a cave down from the site which someone welded a cross beam too at some point. With Nick’s leftover grill fragments we start tonight’s compartmentalized hobo stew. Bagged the first sand bags and made a bench for the night. Spirit is chasing rabbits. Stars light up the sky, the light from the fire flickers on the interior rock walls. Baby potatoes, cauliflower, garlic, and brussel sprouts in bags of foil on the fire.

  • Montreal reminiscing
  • Tibetan Book of the Dead
  • Gaspar Noe
  • Jalal Toufic and the angel in the room
  • Affective reality
  • Individuate
  • Catastrophic molting
  • Terry Riley

A small cute brown mouse is present in the new kitchen. The plates are in the cave. Jung claims heartbreak is essential. Talk of trying to finish the library at the same time as the living spaces.

Kale with roasted sweet potatoes, yogurt and cauliflower, and potatoes with onion and taiziki.
First night in the caves

  • Seduction of text
  • Concrete narcosis
  • Wit is for strangers
  • Gates of Babylon
  • Immortality
  • Cradle of europe
  • Subjectiveness of passing