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, mph

Perseids, Pipe

That’s a nice healthy one.

Yeah, I’ve been watering it.


I think I saw one.

A thick one?

That sounds like a big pop, that sounded loud.


It looks cool dried out.

I don’t remember if we planted that one there or not.

But it looks pretty cool.

Somebody probably got it from somewhere else and brought it here.

[Crickets, Pocket Noise, Unintelligible]

What do you think?

[Crickets, Pocket Noise, Unintelligible]

I think you’d want it closer.

Well cause we do the dishes right here.

If you want, you could go so far and you could just do a 45, a 45, a 45 and put a spicket down there.


Since you do your dishes over there.

It won’t be that much more pipe, cause whatever pipe would get ya here would go down there.

You might need one a half more pipe.

And then later on you can just split it go into the houses?


See cause, if you’re coming like this, and then you 45 and 45, and you wanna put a thing here, and then tee off here and just 45 and come to it.

I like 45’s more than 90’s, and when it comes to the spicket I use a 90 straight up, and then a 90 threaded for the spicket head.

Otherwise, underneath all them boulders is 45’s, I don’t use 90’s.

When I was working with Randy over there on his line, I didn’t think he was gonna be that anal at all about his pipe not being slightly bent at all. So I just did a nice even curved thrench where it was easy to dig, and believe me I was hitting a lot of rock, and he out in 90’s. So every section is a SLAM, SLAM, SLAM.

Then he blamed me for doing a crooked thing.



Well, you guys left your rebar over there.


It’s always been too hot to grab it, we’re gonna grab it soon.

I can do it tomorrow morning when I get up.

Where do you want it?

Right here is fine, we gotta start bending.

You’re gonna get the bends tomorrow.

There’s gonna be a wall there?

Yeah all the way back.

Cool, then you got your stairs going up to that rock?

We haven’t really figured out that space yet.


That’s a different section that I noticed.


Cool, it’s coming along.

Laverne, but Shirley

That’s what it’s called?

I thought so.

I love that show.

Well yeah , they did Happy days and Squig Makowski.

That was his name, they always call him Sqiggy.

You gotta pay attention.