? @
, mph


We wouldn’t of been able to have windows at that angle.

Then also avoiding one big huge span.

It’s just eighteen feet by twelve feet.

I know but just breaking it up.

Same idea as the back, there’s this flat rock and then a little flat thing here.

Then between that we can do fake rock, cacti.


Fake rock, cacti.


So the front will have the same effect with these plateaued embankments.

Well, you know all I can say is that I’m just going to have to trust you and if in the end if we’re totally horrified we’ll just have to take it apart and push it in the rocks and try again.

So it’s all on you.

You’ve got to get it good.

Well, what is your idea of good?

Well, I think I’ve been pretty clear, that I don’t like to see straight lines, or stuff that doesn’t occur naturally, parallel lines, when I was doing Frank Lloyd Wright I liked parallel lines ones going back and forth.

What about angular lines.

Well you know.


I think for us its thinking about these other styles of rock formations where straight lines and the round intersect.

Yeah, that’s what we’re interested in too.

I don’t think that’s the issue.

Make that happen and we’ll all be on the same page, try not to make it look like Disneyland.

That’s the thing.

OK now, like you see this square corner right here.


You could take the corner out and cut it back.


Now that’s an interesting way to go, going against the concept of…That’s brilliant.

So your thing is the box or the rectangle?

I don’t like straight lines is my thing, and I don’t like straight lines going like that.


What if this did this, so here’s the boulder, here’s the place.


We’re talking the front or the back?

We’re talking all the edges of the house, instead of straight edged, would be rounded.

Yeah but see, like this relates to this here, but if you take the edge out a little ways then brought it back, it no longer relates as a…

standarized form

Or if you went like this you know, and you took it down like that.


You know your building might end here but the end of the wall is here.

I think it depends on what angle you’re looking at it from.

All of this you know, if you do have a straight line somewhere give it a little class.


It can have a couple of edges you know coming out, so that it’s not just psssffttttt.

You know, you kind of know what I want, and what I like, and I’m trusting you guys to make that a reality.

Is this a bad idea?

Oh definitely.

Straight lines and angular.




You’re monolithic bread oven.

It’s got a rounded hole?

Square hole.

It’s a square hole?

It’s a square hole with a rounded hole of the original form inside it.

but anyways, that ah, that thing is ah…


Kisses five dollars


The finished form of the bread oven, the wood gets piled here.


OK, well, let me see here.

Again, same concept is true, on the back edge of it, it could have a form like that.

And you can make a shelf so you have places to put things, I mean there’s no where for people to stand.

Oh no, we are, we’re going to build out the side.

And you don’t want to put bushes right next to your oven.


The front of it, is ah, a big face, with two eyes and a nose, and a sun.


And trippy things you know.


So there are things you can do you know.

Back to art school, you must of cheated on the test, straight lines ect…

And it might be a good idea to rake that trail out, so you can’t tell cars have been up there.

Is there anything else we should do?

Just ah, do what you can do you know?