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, mph


Again, you guys laugh at me but…

You laugh at me.

When did we laugh at you?

When I told you I could move this fucker.

You know Neil the one thing about my memory, is I’ve got a brilliant memory. I could tell you what happened 3 weeks ago.

What happened 3 weeks ago?

Are you testing me or are you just trying to be a smart ass?

I’m genuinely curious.

A lots happened, what day.

This day 3 weeks ago.

So today is?




No it’s Wednesday.

No it’s Tuesday.

Yesterday was Memorial Day, Monday.

Oh wow.

So Tuesday 3 weeks ago.

Yeah, Tuesday 3 weeks ago.

That was the week of the party, with the rave, remember?

No that was 2 weeks ago.

2 weekends ago?

No it’s not, we had the Yoga this weekend, last weekend we had nothing, the previous weekend we had nothing, and the previous weekend we had the party.

What’s the date on that?

That was the 15th or 16th.

That’s 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, and the party was?

I don’t know, on the 3rd?

Oh, yeah so 3 weeks ago.

I’m telling you guys I’m not a fucking nut.

We never said that.

Sometimes I wonder.

You just asked me to prove that I wan’t a nut, so yes you were.

You’re testing me, and you’re fucking gonna get it, you’re gonna make me fucking dinner.


So the merchants of rock lore…

You gonna sit here all afternoon?

Let’s go pinch some of Emanuels wood and make a fire.

There’s a bunch over here.