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Spring has arrived and Kilo an Emmanuel have a dinner at the dome site to welcome it. The smell of spinach and salmon crepes seems to travel through the entire valley and the elders show up just in time to eat.

Overflow seating at the meeting this Monday. Garth says its the first time it’s ever felt like a real community. Different groups report on their individual projects. Covering Nicodemouses house, fixing the yurt, planting in the spring garden.

Welcoming two new members to the group, Pamela asks them for two weeks of silence, to listen and acclimate. Garth asks them to dress less militaristic and adorn themselves with color and sun necklaces. They own guns, which makes everyone a little uncomfortable and sparks a conversation about defense, revenge, us vs. them. No conclusion is met.

Everything seems to come alive and in bloom in the first week of spring including a large rattlesnake who has settled in the rock next to our material pile. She is sweet and quiet so we let her be for the meantime.

We tare out the winter greens from the cold frame and start seedlings.

We continue framing the roof in the top residence and prepare for the concrete slab flooring for the bottom. Steel will be welded from the floor to the extending I-beam for the first half of the cantilevered deck.

It feels like summer has arrived two weeks into spring with temperatures over 100. Nicodemous is back in town and working on camouflaging the community kitchen on the landing.

Peter Shire comes by the site for a visit. He feels the modernist sympathies and says we should leave the exposed walls as-is.

We spend a week building Garth a claw foot tub with a pit for fire underneath. Out initial direction of stone masonry is diverted mid-project. Per Garth’s request we use chicken wire and ferro-cement to house the tub in a boulder like form.

HBI construction promises us left over steel from the new super-Walmart building in town.

We spend a few days in Tijuana looking for a cheaper solution for fabricating steel ledged window frames.