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It’s not even complicated

Is then traded with other properties like this and then there’s an internal commerce that’s backed by real stuff. It’s not backed by debt. It’s not backed by IOU this and that.

It’s backed by real stuff. This is real abundance we have. We’re in a desert facility, you guys are in a desert facility that’s much more tropical and so we can make things that you can’t.

And then I already am setting up the shipping lines between those things. This isn’t a small thing.

So the money comes to me and I do projects as my own corporation that benefit this and are called to me research and testing. I’m paying you guys to use your land so I can go ahead and build your water system so that I can make sure your water system works so I can sell it to the other people right?

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And then all of a sudden you guys don’t have any money coming through the land, you’re literally being paid just that little bit of amount right. You have sole proprietorship and you’re way out of the tax loop, you’re way out of the radar of the governments, you’re way out of the radar of any people politically who wouldn’t be interested in what you guys are doing.

You’re protected.

Ya know, that’s the way to do it.

You guys gotta understand, if this is gonna be a place for families and for children and stuff like that, there will be a group of us out there that are actually in the conspiracy, that are at that level of the game, and ah, we’re out to protect.

And we make a buffer around that so that children can play, and so that everybody can find their zone.

If you guys engage in that system then we need to make an invisible barrier between this community and the rest of the world, and each of those communities we do business with will do the same thing, and they’ll be a dozen of them and they’ll trade between each other and the abundance stays within a bigger macro community. Right.

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We’re finally gonna change the world.

You need to have a billion dollars behind you to do that right?

but it’s a billion dollars in fake money and all my friends know this.

They all know it’s fake money, cause it’s all digital right?



Nothing is real.

It’s not even backed by paper.

It’s not backed by anything.


Just type it in and…

When the government makes ten million dollars it sends ten million dollars in treasury bonds to the federal reserve and then because of the debt and the interest that they know they’re going to get, they can say that this money is real. Because we know they’re going to get the money back.

They can make 90 million in one 10 billion dollar transaction out of that succession right.

So right now 97 percent of money in the economy is not backed by anything, not even on paper, not even paper the feeling of it.

So we realize now that mathematically that has reached the limits of what it can work any more and it’s gone so far past it that it’s collapsing and they’re scrambling. If we put our attention on that collapse then we will collapse with it.

What we’re doing is a little more robin hood, we take what gold that they have and we plant it here, it grows trees.

The enemy doesn’t see a tree to shoot, they see the one that’s their enemy. We’re playing the same game as them.

So ultimately some of that world is going to collapse into that chaos and it already is. And another part of it won’t because they’re actually smart enough to pay attention to it.

Ya know.

That’s the, this would be the model that would work.

You guys wouldn’t actually raise any money. You guys would be an operation that gets paid to have experiments on your land that happens to be your water, that happens to be your houses and stuff like that.




And these are the folks that are ready to build the new world, whether they like it or not.

And it means non-debt economy. Real economy backed by real actual stuff. Right, that’s one of the first things.

but the first thing is that all of the data all of the science is playing to the spiritual vibe. At the center of any solid community there’s  like the, ah, there’s, well like Garth or there’s the teepee, there’s some kind of place ya know where you meet and you love each other.

And the first energy you create before you dig something out of the ground is love between each other. So you get that going first, and then you dig a well.


We got love and water.


Then we make sure that we have sewage, so that we can then expend that energy. Then the food sources are built all around those things. Right.

It’s nature, It’s not even complicated. It’s simple.

Because ultimately they want it to be a fall back, a fall back position to the whole war of it all. To be able to go and take their women and children to that place.


[Baby Noise]

[Light clapping]


I like that.

It sounds like Garth, that you’re not born ahead of your time, that the times are catching up with you.

OK, good. So I don’t have to make out a budget?


What you do need to do is give me a list of exactly what you are intending, right.

Your ultimate intentions have to be spelled out very clearly. That’s not a budget, that’s not how to do it. That’s what it is.

That’s, what does it feel like first? Maybe what does it look like to a certain degree, but it’s really going to be like what at the corset desire of the community, what are the things that, we already know the basics, you know, you know we need the things to survive.


What does your heart say?

What is that spot that you see in the future that everyone is in that place of real harmony, real joy, it actually works.

And how do you feel at that moment?

Suck that into now, and feel that moment and describe it to me.

That gives me the creative vision I can then turn that into marketing lingo and that enrolls the concentric circles of creators, protectors, and ultimately fans of the community.

You kind of get to feeling you know, what is this place meant to feel like?

What’s the song?

What’s the mood?

And then I write lyrics on that mood right.

So, the bed.

The jam bed.

That is something that Garth has been sitting on for thirty years, that’s why he needed to be that ahead of his time. He’s gotta know that feeling so deeply, thirty years in that he inspires me and other people to write about that feeling right.

What that is, and that causes into creation, because words are used, logos, becomes conversation. Becomes the perceptual reality of other people. And they start wanting to participate in becoming tangible realities and their perceptions are deepened.

Eventually a million people want this community to be exactly what you want it to be, but in the meantime that’s what this is.