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On staying still and moving along

I am facing backwards, being thrown forward, fixed. The smaller, closer details are just whipping blurs, but the red mountains and the black factories. The power lines stretching over the under-used farms: They stand still long enough.
The ocean is something else entirely.
I’ve been on trains most days this week, again today. I’m going to the south, to Calabria, to the instep of the boot, to a minor city on the coast. There I’ll be by the water to eat fish and hot peppers, go up in the mountains, go down between the monolithic concrete pillars that support the autostrade soaring stuck above. As with much of my time away from whatever’s home at the time, the occasion for my going is a person I just met, a near-stranger who says, I want to show you this place I’m from, I want to show you all that is here as opposed to elsewhere. And I’m learning quickly to never say no to this, to become more iron and less intending flesh, more susceptible to magnets of hospitality and not knowing, of contingent encounters that have nothing to do with what we plan or don’t plan to do.

Desire is the petty show of resistance we put up in the face of plans made for us, curving tracks on which we are yanked ahead…

Excerpts (On staying still and moving along) Roman Letters, Evan Calder Williams Oslo Editions 2012
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A change in our awareness of parts and whole

Architecture, as I have come to know it, is the art of building, and if it communicates any message of significance, it does so through construction. Construction not just in the sense of building, not just as a practical necessity, but in the way that we see it, the way we understand it as a manifestation of science, as an object to which we intuitively respond, as a part in a history that we know. I believe that architecture communicates many things, but it does not do so, or does not do so well, by mere association.

Insofar as it communicates an idea about place, it does so through an understanding of scale. Insofar as architecture communicates spirituality, it does so through weight. Insofar as it communicates an idea about society, it does so through joints. Insofar as it suggests something from beyond, something different from, even something contradictory from it’s own reality, it does so using it’s own construction as a point of departure.

from The Architectural Detail, Edward R. Ford
2011 Princeton Architectural Press
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How to Construct Rietveld Furniture

Many people construct their own Rietveld furniture in the evening-hours. Apparently these designs are an invitation to do so…