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And central to problem posing education was something Paolo Freire called dialog, how did he define or describe dialog?

So dialog, interestingly enough, is not simply a way of talking, or a way of having conversation, like taking turns for example. Many people think that dialog implies that you all sit in a circle and everyone has an equal share of the air time or something like that. But for Freire dialog was actually a form of action. A form of reflective action. And of course language is an important part of it because language is very deeply connected to our human capacity to understand ourselves and the world. And so dialog is a way of engaging in discursive practices in language that is tied to action. And that is tied to reflection upon that action, so that we become conscious actors using that language as a tool to transform ourselves and to transform the world.

Listen: Paolo Freire’s Pedagogy – January 16, 2013 


It is not easy to translate into English the Italian word autoprogettazione. Literally it means auto = self and progettazione = design. But the term ‘self-design’ is misleading since the word “design” to the general public now signifies a series of superficially decorative objects. By the word autoprogettazione Mari means an exercise to be carried out individually to improve one’s personal understanding of the sincerity behind the project. To make this possible you are guided through the archetypal and very simple technique.

Therefore the end product, although usable, is only important because of it educational value.

from Autoprogettazione? by Enzo Mari