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On one of the slides from our first visit to four corners country, there in a building. That was not why we took that shot; the intention was to photograph “Phone Booth Mesa” (more properly “Chimney Rock,” but every fifth outcrop in the Southwest seems to be called that!) on the way up from Shiprock to Cortez. Neither of us remembers seeing any buildings in the foreground of that view; but there it is: one standard, off-the-peg, industrially-produced Butler building with an air conditioner unit on it’s flatly pitched roof. It is finished in an inoffensive tan color, but that doesn’t make it any less outstandingly visible against the background of sagebrush. Why then does the eye of memory not see it? It must be that it is such a usual building in a landscape where only the exotic or the outrageous in architecture tends to look at home and be remembered.

Scenes in America Deserta-Reyner Banham 1982
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A Presence Library

The Reanimation Library was established in order to:
build a collection of resources that inspire the production of new creative work
pan for gold in the sediment of print culture
emphasize the visual content of books
encourage collaboration among human beings
call attention to the generative potential of libraries
contribute to our cultural commons and gift economy
explore pathways between digital and analog worlds

You are invited to join the library in these endeavors.

Rounding out the library themed trifecta of posts is the Reanimation Library.

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About U b u W e b

And yet . . . it could vanish any day. Beggars can’t be choosers and we gladly take whatever is offered to us. We don’t run on the most stable of servers or on the swiftest of machines; crashes eat into the archive on a periodic basis; sometimes the site as a whole goes down for days; occasionally the army of volunteers dwindles to a team of one. But that’s the beauty of it: UbuWeb is vociferously anti-institutional, eminently fluid, refusing to bow to demands other than what we happen to be moved by at a specific moment, allowing us flexibility and the ability to continually surprise our audience . . . and even ourselves.

Kenneth Goldsmith on the complexities of operating an archive that is free and open to all.

Why we built this library

Though libraries live on (and are among the least-corrupted democratic institutions), the freedom to browse serendipitously is becoming rarer. Now that many research libraries are economizing on space and converting print collections to microfilm and digital formats, it’s becoming harder to wander and let the shelves themselves suggest new directions and ideas. Key academic and research libraries are often closed to unaffiliated users, and many keep the bulk of their collections in closed stacks, inhibiting the rewarding pleasures of browsing. Despite its virtues, query-based online cataloging often prevents unanticipated yet productive results from turning up on the user’s screen. And finally, much of the material in our collection is difficult to find in most libraries readily accessible to the general public.

via the Prelinger Library.

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