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Authority and Community

Soleri responded: “You don’t understand. I have no power over my students. They are free to come and go. I have only authority. If they come to me because of my authority, and then do not respect that authority, they have no reason for coming to study and work with me. Authority has the power of conviction. Authoritarianism has the power of coercion.”

Paolo Soleri
Paolo Soleri 1919-2013

The Omega Seed

On this journey through history, the journey contemporary man Seeks to re-experience in his pilgrimages, man manipulates the physical world and produces all sorts of wares, small and large, private and public, lasting and ephemeral, humble and flamboyant, functional and symbolic. Those physical things make up the nest where hls children learn what is normal or not, what peer-grooming or not, what is customary or not, what is useful or not, What is respectable or not. The adult or the child-adult molds himself by molding the physical environment, and his matrix closely fits the physical matrix he inherited and the one he himself is altering by his being and doing.

(excerpts from: Architecture as Information)The Omega Seed: An Eschatological Hypothesis, Paolo Soleri 1981
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Arcosanti: an urban laboratory?

Arcology is Paolo Soleri’s concept of cities which embody the fusion of architecture with ecology. The arcology concept proposes a highly integrated and compact three-dimensional urban form that is the opposite of urban sprawl with its inherently wasteful consumption of land, energy and time, tending to isolate people from each other and the community. The complexification and miniaturization of the city enables radical conservation of land, energy and resources.