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The great outdoors

We return to the site after two days in town working on the rig for the solar. We run into Rabbit at Home Depot, he says Don chased the mother bear and its two cubs away and fired warning shots. She chased him back down the hill and he retreaded.

We arrive to the caves and our site has been trashed. Terrorized. Everything is smashed, leaking, eaten. The cooler is emptied, every bin is torn open, jar lids are open and bulk foods line the cave floor. The tool bin is ripped open and a hole poked through an oil bottle leaked oil all through out the tools. Our library box is full of cayenne pepper and trail mix and our books scattered among the mud and food. Sternberg Press’ The Nightmare of Participation has two bites through it, Annie Albers: On Design is doused in olive oil and quinoa, and pages are torn out of Graphic Design History in the Writing (1983-2011). A claw hole through our first line of defense, the air horn, is the final insult.

Seems like it was just the two cubs. There are paw prints across one of our mattresses in the cave, they are smaller, cub size.

Morale is low.

We talk to Garth about the bears. Supposedly bears have become more active in the area in the last few years. They come down from Big Bear looking for food and water. Growing population and environmental changes push them further south every year. Our new neighbor Scott Pinkmountain said a trailer nearby was terrorized last week. The previous tenants walked in a bear in their kitchen, sitting on her hind legs with a jar of sugar in hand.

We spend the rest if the day cleaning the mess and counting our losses. A baby scorpion is seen gathering Chia pellets under the solar batteries, which were fortunately spared. We decide to sleep down in Nicks house for a few weeks.

Brian and Patrick the local welders come by to survey the site for the 2nd level support beams. We’ll need help Welding these to the rock. They are optimistic.

  • Marine fade
  • Food pyramids
  • Preamp technology
  • Clan of the cave bear
  • The uncook