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Thinning out

After a really mild December, winter is now in full swing and taking its toll on productivity. Three days of rain the last week of December stalled work and we were forced to wrap the exposed decks with tarps. Below freezing temperatures has now turned the rain to snow and 30mph winds blaze through the caves and feel like a swarm of bee stings on any exposed skin.

We are visited by a couple from nearby with a newborn, they have interest in becoming involved with the land and land trust. They are tall, good looking, and eat only raw food. They are looking to start a religious organization, and have settled on a name, bylaws, and diet, which feels a bit cultish, but Garth asked what isn’t a cult?

Ariana arrives in the middle of the night and interrupts a screening in the teepee of Radical Attitudes, the Architecture of Douglas Cardinal. Her keys are locked in a Saab down below, with the car running, a dog, two cats, and two rabbits trapped inside. They share the full reign of car, so breaking the window is not an option. Steve is able to open the lock with a wire.

We have a group meeting in the teepee the next morning.


The land has thinned out in the past month as most guests have retreated elsewhere as the temperature dropped. This with the exception of Moses and friend. They arrived in a large RV and are now parked down below on the landing. Moses is from a family of healers from Egypt near the Sphinx. After his family became popular for their services the government grew suspicious and they are now exiled to the states. He is looking for somewhere to bring the family and continue practicing.

Moses has been training one of the donkeys and built a beautiful saddle and carriage. He yells out loud in deep voice, Mush, and a few other words which i believe are egyptian. His first time riding in the carriage the donkey took off at full speed and headed for the boulders. Just when he thought he would have to dive from the carriage they hit a bush and were slowed by the entanglement.

We adobe the first exterior coat on the top loft of the upper building. Not sure how this will hold in the weather, as there is currently snow covering the property. We leave for the weekend to LA in a blizzard.