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Well, that’s a deep subject

Within moments of arriving on site, Manifest, wearing a furry thong, bedouin boots, a tiny leather vest, and conical sedge hat, is in the back seat of my car with his new baby pigmy goat named Dada. Bins of vegetables piled on my roof from Shiloka’s recent bounty in LA and a giant watermelon in my lap for today’s chicken duty snack. Manifest and Josiah are back on site post-burn and have invited guests from the Bahkti fest at Mental Physics. Bliss, an incredibly sweet and positive woman living in a blue motorhome is now parked next to Shiloka’s painted bus caravan of himself, a partner who deals in rare asian antique furniture, and a few dogs.

Shiloka works with tinctures, and brings a pure white sage and lavender to Garths, a drop of each on the wrist, then a rub to your third eye and the back of your neck. A few girls from London are staying with Josiah and cook raw chocolate pudding with chia, raw coco, some kind of leaf, and stevia from their stevia farm back home.

We run into David the oracle at his Starbucks post, he is leaving soon and will be missed.

  • A quiet disconnectedness

We are stalled out on site, waiting to hear back from the welders. To their advice we purchased 8 12″x12″ 1/2″ steel plates which will get bolted into the rock with 3/4″ all-thread in each corner. We will then weld the i-beams into place on the plates. Barr lumber is still going out of business and we bargain with Kyle the liquidator to get 3 of their lumber racking beams.

Andrew pays us a visit, who is a character actor and solar electrician in the area, whose voice booms through the valley as he talks us through the entire wiring system in 5 mins. He considers our situation “primitive” and decides he is too busy at the moment to take on new work. We are still in doubt that we can wire the system ourselves. He may be able to help in a few weeks. Meanwhile the panels sit on the rock and collect sun with no output.