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Wonderful Melon

Ah this is wonderful watermelon.

Who wants watermelon?


It’s wonderful.


Nice and crispy.

Oh I love a crispy melon.

I’ve been noticing how much the rind is like the cucumber.

See the watermelon is similar to the cucumber on the interior.

You know they pickle watermelon rinds.

They do? Well it comes from the same family.

They also juice them.

[Chewing, smacking]

I’ve read many things about the healing effects of watermelon rinds. This whole area here, to juice this is super high in chlorophyl. The skin itself is packed with chlorophyl. You can juice it, you can drink it. Just because when they pickle it like that, it’s a sign that they know.

I’m gonna show you some cutting techniques.

He’s gonna carve a bus out of it.

You just like..


Oh no, the boss is going to get upset.

Now, you cut here.

[Chewing, smacking]

Now try that slab.

How’s that cut?

[Crickets, chewing, smacking]

So this deer got hit by a car and was on the side of the road, and his guts were out and his intestinal tract was bright green, it was like fluorescent, he must have eaten the whole grass that day.


His whole intestines were green, there was no other way. I hope I look like that.

That makes my throat itch.


The melon.

Anyway, did you take all that stuff up there?

mmm, delicious piece.

[Crickets, chewing, smacking]

I don’t like the white part.

Do you think the rebar will go in the quad?

Ah, no.

Well, we can carry it up the hill.

Well maybe we’ll wait until we get the cement and we can take it all at once. It’ll just be a few days.




She wants the rind too.

We got lots of chicken food for tomorrow.

[Crickets, Singing]

I float my boat.

I float my boat above my float.

I thought that was your big pipe.


That’s how they make the blocks for cutting.

This looks like a sword.

The tongue dub.

That’s how the dogs dub each other.

Rub a dub dub.


Dosen’t this make it look like a plane just flew by. You know when the suns out and a plane flies by ilke that.

Well you gotta go broooooommm. Then they’ll think it’s a plane. Neeeoooowwwww. or whatever I can’t make the noise.

It’s a silent one, all you can see is the shadow.

I didn’t know there were silent ones?

I guess there are.

Like SUV prius.

[Flute playing]

I was looking under that bucket, under the bear bucket.

Does the bear bucket have food?

Beware of the bear.

Is my dog sleeping somewhere?

It’s a low bass flute. Shakuhachi style.

Beautiful sound.

It has an Incan reed.

See how it goes from..

[Flute playing]

Very Japanese.

Did you see Tomas and Amara tonight? They came and dropped off the clay. So it’s up there if you guys want some.

Oh they did?

How’s the amphitheater coming?

They’re making benches and fireplaces.


He gave us some glaze for the inside of the oven, some blue glaze, high fire glaze.

A glue glazer.

A blue glazer.

A blue blazer?


Can you say that again please?

A blue blazer.

A blue glazer.

You might say that, I’m a glue blazer.

Where did you put the bags?

Does anyone want to try a glass of this wine? Black wine?